Saturday, July 23, 2016

To Control Joint Pains Take Preventive Measure From Earlier Age

In my long-term career, I have seen that most of the people come with the problems of arthritis or joint pains after the age of 50 years or more. However, I am sure that if those people would take proper care of the bones from an earlier age they could avoid such issues. Joints usually connect two bones such as knee joint, shoulder joints or hip joints and take the weight to allow you move in a fluent manner. Trauma, strains and sprains, bursitis are some of the causes of the joint pain. Here I am going to mention certain tricks, following which they can avoid arthralgia in the later age.
Ice Therapy: In order to reduce the tissue from swelling, the flow of blood is needed to be reduced. Ice temperature helps to decrease blood flow thus whenever you feel pain you must put an ice pack on the place in an interval of every hour for duration of 15 minutes time. Apply the same process even on next day at least for four or five times for the same duration. The process helps you to heal the pain. The process is also known as cryotherapy. However, in order to shun the ice burn it is advised to not place the ice directly on skin rather to apply it by wrapping it in wash clothes or towels.
Hydrotherapy: Pouring warm water can also does wonder in case of getting relieved from joint pains. Having a bath in mild warm water or immersed the area in the water can bring relief to you by stimulating the flow of blood.
Massage: Giving a proper massage to the area of pain can also help you in order to get relieved from pain and further knee joint replacement. Proper massage can help you to get over the joint pain of knee and hips. You can go for it by both own or professional. If you are doing it by own remember to keep the direction of the stroke to the upward. A topical menthol rub massage can also help to reduce the pain.
Medication: However, it is the least option that is suggested, but in case the pain is acute, ibruphen can be a good relief for the joint pain. Non-steroidal drugs can help to relieve from the joint swelling as well as stiffness of the muscle. However, it is recommended that to visit the doctor before you take the medicines.
Exercise: Doing regular exercise helps you to avoid the joint pains and later to avoid the joint replacing surgeries. Therefore, it is important to choose the proper exercise, which let you to stay within the limit and not cause further pain. Exercise extends the limits of you muscle and strengthens the joints thus it prevents the joint aches. Further doing the exercise helps you to control body weight. It helps the joints such as knees and the joints to get relieved from taking the extra burden. As example you are 10kg weighing extra it put pressure equivalent to 30 kg extra on your knee joints.
Adapting right technique: it is always advisable that you must sit, work or lift heavy things in the proper technique as it helps your joint to be protected from the external injuries. People who are associated with the sports must use different protecting gears that would help them from being injured or hip joint replacement.
Finally, the best possible way to keep the joint pain away is by having a plenty of time by taking rest. It helps you to reenergise yourself and to repair the body damages in a natural way.
These few tricks can be used in order to avoid the joint related problems. However, causes like aging or family history cannot be avoided all the time. Thus, it is advisable to stay in touch of the doctor to avoid the joint problems. Keep the joint pains away and stay happy.

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