Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Top 8 Habits That Can Cause Serious Bone Damages

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Orthopedic complications can jeopardize your ability to perform your daily tasks, and might adversely affect your movements too. Unfortunately, there are many common habits, which enhance the risks of potentially terminal fractures, and other bone damages. Say goodbye to the habits listed below, and lower your chances of requiring knee replacements and other such elaborate orthopedic procedures:
  • An overall reckless attitude – Irrespective of whether you are crossing a busy road, or are moving about in your house – doing everything with a modicum of care and patience is essential. Accidental falls can result in serious fractures, while on-road collisions can be potentially fatal. Be careful in whatever you are doing – and keep risks of bone breakages minimal.
  • Following an unhealthy diet – Having meals at irregular times, with lots of oil-rich items in them does not only increase your body weight – the habit makes your bones more prone to damages as well. Consult a professional dietician, about the necessary nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, omega acids, etc.) that should be present in your meals. Of course, if you have undergone a knee joint replacement surgery or any other such orthopedic operation recently, you need to follow special post-operative diets.
  • Heavy drinking and puffing habits – Regular smoking can leave you more prone to serious and long-standing bone damages. Frequent consumption of alcoholic liquors also has the same effect. Teenagers, in particular, need to stay away from such unhealthy habits – so that the development of their bone structure is not hampered in any way. 

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  • Staying at a single place for too long – Curling up on the sofa in front of the television is definitely an attractive idea – but don’t do this for hours on end every day. In general too, avoid maintaining the same body posture for too long. Obesity might be a direct result, which, in turn can lead to acute joint pains and aches. Often, such lazy habits can necessitate partial knee replacements and other such orthopedic treatments. Be a little more active – and stay healthier!
  • Taking too many painkillers – OTC painkillers offer only temporary pain relief, and hardly ever provides any lasting solution to orthopedic problems. If you are experiencing muscular and joint pains often, get in touch with a specialist as soon as possible. For example, if there are problems in your knee joint, you will probably require a custom fit knee surgery in India. Popping a few pills will only aggravate the problem.
  • Being too stressed out – While many don’t realize this, too much of stress has an unfavorable impact on the strength of your bone structure in particular, and your overall health, in general. Read books, listen to relaxation music, or perform any other task that helps you to get rid of daily stresses and mental strains. Your alertness levels will increase too!
  • Missing out on the symptoms of bone infections – Find out the common symptoms of the different bone infections, from the web. Tumors in and around the shoulder and knee area also need to be diagnosed at an early stage. If you are negligent on this count, you might end up with having no other option than going for a shoulder joint or partial knee replacement surgery.

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  • Subjecting yourself to bone fatigue – Do not perform tasks that involve repetitive limb movements, for too long at a stretch. This is particularly important, if you are involved in any type of industrial activities. The resultant bone fatigue can leave you more vulnerable to fractures and other damages.
Get in touch with professional knee surgeons and other orthopedic experts, whenever you start feeling discomforts in the joints/bony areas of your body. Fractures caused by unforeseen accidents might be inevitable – but you can at least avoid the above-mentioned habits, and boost the general healthiness of your bones!

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